The reason for our tiredness...

We won Tesco baby! Yeeeeeeeehah. The local Tesco Metro got cleared out of own-label bubbles by Tony, Kim and Neil on Friday.

Massive celebrations all round. :)

Here's Tony, our ECD, looking rather excited.


Tired Lisa

We've been working some pretty long days recently. โ€‹

By days, I mean day and night, 21 hour sort of days.โ€‹

Here's Lisa trying to take a 30 second power nap under her scarf.โ€‹


Austerity Cannes

Actually, the chicken wrap (see below's post) didn't quite cut it.

So we popped out at lunch to pick up some truffle cheese and rosé . From a proper fromagerie and a proper French bottle shop and everything. That's how (bronze) winners roll.

Here's a pic of us enjoying the spoils of our success with Vicky, our Honda account director. 


A little bronze lion and remembering Andy

In this current time of austerity, we decided (in a very grown up way) that we'd rather save our annual leave and pennies than jet off to Cannes for this year's Lions. So instead of sipping pink wine on the Carlton Terrace, I've just tucked into a chicken wrap made from leftovers, at my desk. Hmmm.

Of course in typical Murphy's Law fashion, it seems that the one year we didn't show up, we won something! A perfect little bronze Cyber Lion for our Honda Experiment work. We've never been more chuffed to place 3rd in our lives. 

And we wouldn't have got there if it wasn't for the help of someone very special to us. Andy Cameron was our Interactive Creative Director on the work. He's the reason why we're working at W+K. An amazing guy, a mentor, a digital pioneer, a brilliant trouble-maker (for the right reasons) and someone who always had your back.

Andy unexpectedly passed away a couple of weeks ago and we, like so so many others, are devastated. Our hearts go out to his family.

RIP Andy.





Falling remixed, and falling in sloth love.

It has been exciting times in Lisa and Kirsten world. We've been busy busy on some very exciting work projects (still hush on those for now), but in the meantime Lisa's alter ego Roxanne Roll was tasked with creating a swoon disco remix of Seasfire's Falling (you can hear it below) and Kirsten has been baking scrummdiddlyumptious frog prince cakes before living the dream by travelling to the Amazon to snuggle a sloth.